Long Beach Jr. Golf Association
February 1, 2015 Volume 11, Issue 1

Director's Notes

Welcome to the 2015 season for the Long Beach Junior Golf Association!

In review, 2014 was truly our best season ever. We had our largest membership in our 23 year history, and we had more golfers play in all our events, including our new glow-ball tournaments for Halloween and the Holiday season.

I would like to begin this season by reviewing our policies and rules, so please note everything stated below and throughout this newsletter.

To all of our parents and grandparents who bring our junior golfers to our Friday events:

LBJGA Golfers must be in proper uniform.

LBJGA Golfers must pay $6 in cash each week.

LBJGA Golfers must be on time!

If you need help or have questions please ask at the Friday check-in table or call the office at (562) 570-1272.

Sheri and I have a lot of plans for the 2015 season. Our first special event will be the St. Patrick's Partners Scramble on March 15th at 11am. The entry form is on page 2, if you need more forms they will be available upon request.

Please remember that our annual D-day Tournament and Live Auction will be played on Saturday June 6th at 1pm with dinner following golf. We will need everyone's help to make this event a success. Drawing tickets will be given to each junior golfer beginning April 3rd. This event is our only fundraising event of the year!

The year will go by quickly so stay involved by visiting our new website at

2015 Policies & Rules

Effective January 9, 2015 our weekly fee is $6. The City of Long Beach raised the junior green fees to $6 in October of 2014 but was kind enough to give us a grace period until January. We would appreciate exact change as often as possible.

Please remember LBJGA members must check-in at the LBJGA table at least 10 minutes before their scheduled tee time. If a junior golfer is late the fee will now be $8 per round. Playing on a stand-by basis is also $8. It is important to LBJGA and Heartwell GC that our tee times run on time, therefore all of our golfers must be on time. Our relationship with Heartwell GC is very important to our success.

Also, please remember our dress code and uniform policy when preparing for Friday play days. All members must present themselves in the proper LBJGA uniform or they will not be allowed to participate. New uniforms and hats are available each week before 6pm.

Please note our complete dress code and uniform policy on the following page. If you have questions please ask on Fridays or call (562) 570-1272.

LBJGA Dress Code

Members are to wear their uniforms on all Friday play days including special events. All junior golfers are to conduct themselves in a manner which acknowledges the etiquette, rules and history of the game of golf.

The uniform consists of:

  1. The LBJGA issued red shirt. Tucked in at all times.
  2. Pants or shorts of any solid color.
  3. Girls may wear skirts that reach mid-thigh in length.
  4. Golf or tennis shoes.
  5. The LBJGA issued cap or visor, worn with the bill facing forward.
  6. Hair must be neatly combed.
  7. LBJGA issued sweatshirt.


  • Blue jeans, denims, sweat pants, baggy cargo pants, board shorts, basketball shorts and ‘skinny jeans’ may not be worn at any time.
  • Only the LBJGA caps and visors may be worn with the bill facing forward.
  • Uniforms must be clean and not wrinkled.

Extra shirts and sweatshirts are available for sale at the check-in table. As a junior golfer grows you may trade in your current uniform for a larger size.

Remember, if you are not in uniform you will not be allowed to participate.

2014 Year-End Awards

Most Improved Golfers

Bryson Barnes

Joshlyn Ayala

Logan Miyamoto

Lauren Cho

Logan Bittner

Ami Hamada

Most Birdies - Flight C

Joseph Lim - 30

Bryson Barnes - 23

Matthew Robles - 12

Mitzi Duarte -31

Joshlyn Ayala - 30

Priscilla Corral - 7

Most Birdies - Flight B

Jaden Cantafio - 31

Andy Garcia - 30

Julian Jang - 30

Sebastian Vallejo - 25

Sherilyn Villanueva - 45

Lauren Cho - 32

Kamille Dimayuga - 32

Eunice Yoon - 9

Most Birdies - Flight A

Justin Jang - 86

Bryan Sy - 63

Johan Pedroza - 62

Juliette Ruaux - 29

Ashley Fernandez - 19

Ali Morallos - 16

Please visit for a more complete list of event results and awards!

Looking Forward

No LBJGA activities on Friday March 6, 2015

No LBJGA activities on Friday May 22, 2015

Opportunity Drawing tickets will be distributed to each member starting April 3rd

Our annual D-day Tournament - Drawing- Live Auction

Saturday June 6th at 1pmLong Beach Golf Festival/Crosby at Recreation Park 18 & 9 June 24th

Recreation Park Summer League begins on Tuesday July 7th for seven consecutive weeks.

Friday Play Day Information

Please note the following information when making your Friday plans:

Tee times are given on a first come/first serve basis up to 8 days in advance.

The Heartwell Pro-Shop only takes messages for us on Friday between 2pm and 6pm. Please call the office for times and information.

When cancelling a tee time, please call the office Monday thru Friday at (562) 570-1272. On Friday play days, there is no one in the office after 2pm! Messages left will be received on Monday!

Juniors must check-in at least 10 minutes prior to their tee-time or risk losing there spot and will be charged $8 to play.

Upcoming Events

St. Patrick's Event

D-Day Tournament - June 6th

Cell phones must be carried in golf bags during play.

All phones must be turned off during play.

Electronic devices for yardage only may be used in LBJGA events.

I-pods and MP3 players are not permitted during LBJGA events.

The LBJGA is not responsible for lost or stolen items during LBJGA activities.


Only approved LBJGA uniform items may be worn on Fri play days! Including hats! Trade in the uniforms you have outgrown! Buy extras at the table before 6pm.

St. Patrick's Jr/Adult Scramble Tournament

Click "Print Newsletter" above to fill-out and send in the registration form.

2014 Club Champion

Justin Jang

Match Play Champion

Leland Wilcox

Parent of the Year

Christina Ruaux

2014 Citizenship Awards

Stephanie Gonzalez

Tyler Umpant


Justin Jang

*tied course record at Heartwell with 46 strokes!

Winter Schedule

Regular Play

January 9-16-23-30

February 6-13-20-27

March 13-20-27

No LBJGA activities on Friday March 6, 2015

LBJGA St. Patrick's Jr/Adult Scramble

Sunday March 15, 2015

Heartwell GC

11am - First tee time

$25 per person

Golf, Lunch, Tee Prizes, Trophies

LBJGA Office Hours

Monday 9am-4pm

Tuesday 9am-4pm

Wednesday 9am-4pm

Thursday 9am-4pm

Friday 12pm-2pm

Office is closed Weekends and Holidays

Contact Info


6730 E. Carson St.

Long Beach, CA 90808

Phone: (562)570-1272

Fax: (562)570-1274

For more information visit: