Long Beach Jr. Golf Association
January 31, 2020 Volume 16, Issue 1

Director’s Notes

Happy New Year to everyone!

It's amazing how quickly the months pass and here we are at the beginning of a new golf season!

If you have not re-registered for the LBJGA office as soon as possible to avoid going back on our extensive waiting list. This newsletter will be your last if we do not hear from you

As you know, our 2020 season begins on Friday January 10th. You can find all the information to make tee times and class reservations on the last page. Please note our policy for rainy days.

Our first tournament of 2020 will be our annual St. Patrick's Partner's Glow-Ball event on March 13th. We have included an entry form for on the next page.

The beginning of the season is always a good time to review our rules and policies.

Please remember the following:

All LBJGA members must attend our Friday events in uniform. Our signature red shirt is mandatory! If you need to trade for a larger size please do so at the check-in table before 6pm.

Please make sure golfers check-in at least 15 minutes early. Our weekly fee will continue to be $6 for the 2020 season. We can only accept cash. If your golfer is late the fee is $8.

If we do not have a walker for your golfer's group they will not be able to play. Please sign up to walk when making tee times.

Please call the office and cancel tee times if you are unable to attend.

If you have questions or concerns please call us at the office. If it is after office hours please leave a detailed message at (562) 570-1272.

Monthly Competitions and Awards

We will begin our Player of the Month competitions on January 10th. Each month January through August, for both our 18 hole and 9 hole players, we will conduct the competitions on our regular play days.

All members who qualify will be invited to our POM tournament on December 4th at Heartwell GC.

During the months of September and October we hold our annual Club Championships, followed by our Match Play event.

During the months of September and October we hold our annual Club Championships, followed by our Match Play event.

Golfers who attain a 15 handicap and post 15 rounds will receive a LBJGA golf bag.

Golfers who attain a 10 handicap will be awarded one of our 10-Club pullovers.

Please see Lisa if you have questions.

LBJGA Dress Code

Members are to wear their uniforms on all Friday play days including special events. All junior golfers are to conduct themselves in a manner which acknowledges the etiquette, rules and history of the game of golf.

The uniform consists of:

  1. The LBJGA issued red shirt. Tucked in at all times.
  2. Pants or shorts of any solid color.
  3. Girls may wear skirts that reach mid-thigh in length.
  4. Golf or tennis shoes.
  5. The LBJGA issued cap or visor, worn with the bill facing forward.
  6. Hair must be neatly combed.
  7. LBJGA issued sweatshirt.
  8. Girls may only wear leggings with a skirt over them


  • Blue jeans, denims, sweat pants, board shorts, basketball or gym shorts, ‘skinny jeans’ and leggings may not be worn at any time
  • Only the LBJGA caps and visors may be worn with the bill facing forward.
  • No pants or shorts appearing to be jeans

Extra shirts and sweatshirts are available for sale at the check-in table. As a junior golfer grows you may trade in your current uniform for a larger size.

Remember, if you are not in uniform you will not be allowed to participate.

St. Patrick's Glow-Ball Partner's Tournament

St. Patrick's Glow-Ball Tournament

Friday March 13, 2020 @ Heartwell GC Dinner - 6:15pm & 9 Holes - 7:15pm

Two person teams may consist of one junior and one adult or two juniors. Cost is $28 per player.

Player #1______________________________________________

Player #2________________________________________________


***Teams of two juniors must be accompanied by an adult chaperone***

Please return form and payment to:

LBJGA Office 4

6730 E. Carson St.

Long Beach, CA 90808

2nd Place - Elizabeth & Kathleen Rice - 36

3rd Place - Cassidy & Roger Nguyen - 37

(562) 570-1272

2019 Year End Awards

2019 Most Birdies

1st Place - Samuel Rice - 32

2nd Place - Samuel Lee - 26

3rd Place - Dylan Baird - 25

Flight A - Girls

1st Place - Andrea Camacho - 30

2nd Place - Ylianna Fernandez - 23

3rd Place - Abigail Sickles - 14

Flight B - Boys

1st Place - Piers Pellier - 46

2nd Place - Andrew Rodriguez - 36

3rd Place - Jason Lai - 33

Flight B - Girls

1st Place - Brooke Sato - 11

2nd Place - Chiara Shen - 9

3rd Place - Hya Hernandez - 8

Flight C - Boys

1st Place - Harrison Kim - 25

2nd Place - Jay Srey - 19

3rd Place - Evan Brown - 15

Flight C - Girls

Loren Fearence - 8

Rounds Under Par 54

Piers Pellier - 5 rounds - Low 52

Andrew Rodriguez - 3 rounds - Low 52

Andrea Camacho - 51

Samuel Lee - 53

Brayden Jones - 53

Jason Lai - 51

Zachary Wood - 51

Most Chip-ins

Flight A - Boys

1st Place - Dylan Baird - 6

2nd Place - Jerome Ruaux - 5

3rd Place - Theo Pruitt - 4

Flight A - Girls

1st Place - Kylee Gregory - 6

2nd Place - Ylianna Fernandez - 2

2nd Place - Olivia Hibson - 2

2nd Place - Kaylie Nguyen - 2

Flight B - Boys

1st Place - Piers Pellier - 9

2nd Place - Brayden Jones - 6

3rd Place - Cayden Del Rosario - 5

Flight B - Girls

1st Place - Elizabeth Rice - 3

2nd Place - Tania Maheshwari - 2

2nd Place - Brooke Sato - 2

2nd Place - Hailey Stoskopf - 2

Flight C - Boys

1st Place - Harrison Kim - 8

2nd Place - Evan Brown - 3

Flight C - Girls

no qualifiers

Looking Forward

LPGA/USGA Girls Golf of Long Beach

will begin on Sunday March 8th at Skylinks GC - 12:30pm to 2pm


28th Annual D-day Tournament & Auction

Saturday June 6th @ Heartwell GC - 1pm shotgun start followed by dinner, raffles, and live auction.

For information please call (562) 570-1272

Winter Schedule

LBJGA 2020 season begins on Friday January 10th

Regular Play

January 10-17-24-31

February 7-14-21-28

March 6-13-20-27


St. Patrick's Glow-ball Tournament Friday March 13th

Weather Policy

We do not cancel activities due to a forecast of rain.

Decision to play will be made at 2pm on the day in question. Call the office or visit our Facebook page.

All tee times and classes will roll over to the next scheduled Friday

Friday Play Day Information

Please note the following information when making your Friday plans:

Tee times are given on a first come/first serve basis up to 8 days in advance.

The Heartwell Pro-Shop only takes messages for us on Friday between 2pm and 6pm. Please call the office for times and information

When cancelling a tee time, please call the office Monday thru Friday at (562) 570-1272. On Friday play days, there is no one in the office after 2pm!Messages left will be received on Monday! Call the Pro-Shop after 2pm at (562) 421-8855.

Juniors must check-in at least 15 minutes prior to their tee-time or risk losing their spot and will be charged $8 to play

LBJGA Summer Schedule  

Regular Play
June 3-10-17-24
July 8-15-22-29
August 5-12-19-26

25th Annual D-day Tournament
Saturday June 11, 2016
1pm Shotgun
Dinner, Live Auction and Raffle

Crosby Memorial Junior Golf Championship
Wednesday June 29th
Recreation Park 9 & 18

No play on Friday July 1, 2016

LBJGA Summer League @ Rec Park 9
Begins Tuesday July 5th - 2pm
$6 per week for 7 weeks
Entry Forms available at the LBJGA office or check-in table

No play on Friday September 5, 2016

Please call (562) 570-1272 for more information.

Upcoming Events

St. Patrick's Junior/Adult Glow-ball Tournament

Friday March 13th

Dinner - 6:15pm

Golf - 7:15pm

All cell phones and ear buds must be turned off and stowed in your golf bag during play!

All phones must be turned off during play.

Electronic devices for yardage only may be used in LBJGA events.

The LBJGA is not responsible for lost or stolen items during LBJGA activities.

The red LBJGA shirt is mandatory.

Attention: Everyone!

All players wearing ear buds during our events will be assessed a one stroke penalty per incident!

Leave them in your bag!

Most Improved Golfers

Theo Pruitt

Andrea Camacho

Piers Pellier

Cassidy Nguyen

Jay Srey

Loren Fearence

2019 Club Champion

Piers Pellier


Harrison Kim

Match Play Champion

Jason Lai

Low Net Over the Field

Michael Padilla

Zachary Baloloy

Volunteer of the Year

Peter Hibson

2019 MVP

Dylan Baird


6730 E. Carson St.

Long Beach, CA


Phone: (562)570-1272

Fax: (562)570-1274

For more information visit: or Facebook

E-mail us at: no tee times via e -mail

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Monday 9am-4pm

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