February 10, 2014 issue | Vol 11, Issue 2
Lisa Georgeson, Director; Sheri Pope, Office Manager


Welcome to 2014 and Happy New Year! The good news is if you are reading this newsletter you have renewed your membership with the LBJGA! Any 2013 members who have not renewed have been removed from our mailing list and will again have to endure the waiting list before rejoining. Sheri and I have a full schedule of events planned for this season. Regular play at Heartwell GC resumes on Friday January 10th. Our first tournament of 2014 will be our annual St. Patrick's Jr/Adult event on Sunday March 16th at 11am. Entry forms will be available on Friday January 31st. We will also have an event at Rec Park 9 but a date has yet to be determined. Our website and Facebook page should be up by February 1st. If you would like to be involved in administering either project please contact me at (562) 570-1272. We plan on posting regular program updates and general photos on a weekly basis.

Two schedule notes:
Since Easter is so late this year we plan on taking Friday March 28th off and we will play on Good Friday April 18th. Please review our policies for rainy weather described below.
Also, please review our general policies for Friday play days on page 2. We will be tightening up on scorekeeping this year as so many of our kids are now playing in other tournaments and events. And then there is that uniform policy! Please remember only LBJGA uniform items are allowed on Friday!

If you have any questions or concerns please call Sheri or myself in the office at (562) 570-1272.

Inclement Weather Policy

It is the time of year when we hope that rain will not hit on Fridays! In the event that one of our Friday play days is threatened by rain, the following policy stands:

We are committed to Heartwell GC to make a decision by 2pm on any Friday in question. We will not cancel due to a chance of rain. But if it is raining at Heartwell we will cancel that days activities.

When we do cancel, all tee times and class times will be rolled over to the next Friday on the schedule. We will also reschedule any rules classes and orientation meetings.

Remember if you cancel a tee time before any decision has been made you do risk losing your spot for two consecutive weeks.

On any play day in question, please call the LBJGA office or the Heartwell pro shop for updates. This year we will also post updates on our new website when it goes live! We are working on final details with a text broadcasting service as well. That new service will be announced as soon as it is available.

LBJGA Dress Code

Members are to wear their uniforms on all Friday play days including special events. All junior golfers are to conduct themselves in a manner which acknowledges the etiquette, rules and history of the game of golf.

The uniform consists of:

1. LBJGA issued red shirt, tucked in at all times.
2. Pants or shorts of any solid color.
3. Girls may wear skirts that reach mid-thigh in length.
4. Golf or tennis shoes.
5. The LBJGA issued cap or visor, worn with the bill facing forward.
6. Hair must be neatly combed.
7. LBJGA issued sweatshirt.


- Blue jeans, denims, sweat pants, baggy cargo pants, board shorts, basketball shorts and ‘skinny jeans’ may not be worn at any time.

- Only the LBJGA caps and visors may be worn with the bill facing forward.

- Uniforms must be clean and not wrinkled.

Extra shirts and sweatshirts are available for sale at the check-in table.  As a junior golfer grows you may trade in your current uniform for a larger size.

Remember, if you are not in uniform you will not be allowed to participate.

Upcoming Events

Event One 04.20.14, 10:00am to 11:30am

Event Two 05.20 - 05.21.14, 10:00am

Event Three 05.29.14, 11:15am

Event Four 06.10.14, 10:15am

2013 most valuable player

Katie Gendron

2013 Year-end awards

Club Champion
Kamille Dimayuga

Michael Padilla
Richard Macaranas

Low Net Over the Field
Lorenzo Rodriguez

Match Play Champion
Michael Dela Cruz

Seth Deanda

3rd Place
Leland Wilcox

Congratulations to all!